Dear All,

The Essence of business not only is to multiply opportunity but it’s about idea, about passion and about vision.


Our vision is affordable housing for all and our mission is to position ourselves as a leading organization in Real Estate field by offering quality living to mass at most affordable and highly equipped community with all modern facilities and to meet and exceeds customer expectations, and assuring professional and friendly customer relationship.


It's your confidence in our teamwork. Our Real Estate R&D, Architects, Engineers Team is a mix of new talents along with experienced employees that allows us to look forward in fulfilling the increasing demands of the future with confidence.


A well known quotation says “Look to the Stars, but keep an eye on the roads ahead". In more contemporary words we need imagination, but in combination with a sense of realism.


We are convinced that despite tough competition, we will succeed.


The goal is a considerable expansion of business volume and the achievement of increased corporate value into new areas with qualified experts.


Good wishes to all of you!


Sanjoy Kumar Ghosh
Managing Director.